Non-surgical Ways to Treat Back Pain

Non-surgical Ways to Treat Back Pain

March 1, 2021

The back is a core part of the body that supports many functions in the body. When any particular area of your back is in pain, it can paralyze your movements and cause you great discomfort.

In a bid to treat back pain, medical experts have come up with different treatment plans to befit the needs of various patients. While some patients would be open to trying out invasive surgical treatments for their backs, many others would opt for non-surgical treatments.

What Are Non-Surgical Treatments for Back Pain?

They are different procedures and techniques that are employed to help treat pain in the backs of patients, without surgical intervention. Many of the techniques applied here are external so that you do not need a surgeon to cut you open for treatment.

Over the years, non-surgical treatments have proven useful and effective in treating pain, with the main goal of alleviating pain and increasing comfort for patients. However, these treatment alternatives have to be administered by a medical professional, or rather under the supervision of one.

Types of Non-surgical Treatment for Back Pain

One of the most important factors to remember with back pain treatment is that it differs from one patient to the other. The variations are usually based on the type of pain you are experiencing. The goal of the different treatments, however, is to make pain manageable, without taking invasive surgical measures.

    • 1. Physical therapy – body exercises are the most underrated solutions for many health problems in our bodies. When you see your doctor for back pain treatment in Inglewood, CA, the first treatment alternative you should consider is physical therapy. However, you need a specialist to help you through the therapeutic sessions, making sure have the right set of exercises tailored to your particular problem. Besides, you need assistance to help sustain the routine while at home.
    • 2. Alternative treatments – when it comes to treating chronic back pain, you will quickly learn that chiropractic treatment in Inglewood, CA is a great alternative for you, especially as a conservative patient. Instead of going through surgery to treat your back, alternative treatments ranging from acupuncture and back massages to electronic nerve stimulation and laser therapy can help alleviate the pain in your back. For such treatments, you need to consult a chiropractor near you for recommendations on which treatments would work better for your kind of pain.
    • 3. Lifestyle changes – simple modifications in your daily life practices can impact the health of your back. Some such changes include resting when your body needs a break or even avoiding lifting heavy items. Any adjustments you can make in your day-to-day life routines to help reduce the strain on your back are a necessary effort that can help treat your back pain.
    • 4. Medication – pharmacological medications can help manage your back pain if you get the right prescription based on a correct diagnosis. Some anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, and even muscle relaxants can help alleviate the pain in your back. You, however, need to consult your doctor about the right prescriptions, and how to go about any side effects that may result from the drugs. Besides, some medications are not suitable for prolonged usage. You also want to be particularly cautious about opting for medications like Opioid, which can get you into a pattern of addiction in an effort to manage your pain levels.
    • 5. Dietary changes – did you know that some of the foods you eat could be the reasons for your back pain. Some foods are highly inflammatory, which can put a strain on your back. Foods that are particularly high in refined sugars and trans fats increase your risk of chronic back pain. It is why your doctor may advise against processed foods and recommend several dietary changes to help improve your eating lifestyle.

Should You Try This Approach?

When you have a medical condition that compromises your comfort in life, anything you can do that is medically approved should not be something you hesitate from trying. Many of the treatment alternatives for back pain end up improving your overall quality of life, which is also an added advantage. Besides, if you can treat your pain without going through invasive surgery, wouldn’t you consider it worth the try? Talk to a chiropractor near you today for a treatment plan that best works for your needs.

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