10 Common Questions about Seeing a Chiropractor

10 Common Questions about Seeing a Chiropractor

December 1, 2022

Have you never heard of chiropractic adjustments or how they help treat issues with your musculoskeletal system? Therefore, you might have a few questions about chiropractic care and how it functions. This article answers the ten most common questions about seeing a chiropractor and what to expect when visiting the professional.

If you have issues with the musculoskeletal system or other parts of your body, we suggest you continue learning from the information in this composition and collect data about chiropractic care.

How to Realize Whether You Need Chiropractic Care?

You can benefit from chiropractic care even if you don’t suffer from acute or chronic pain because it is an excellent method to maintain overall wellness. In reality, chiropractic care is designed to help your body maintain optimum wellness by focusing on spinal misalignments before you develop painful issues. With wellness care, the chiropractor in Inglewood, CA, performs periodic treatments to prevent mobility issues instead of addressing painful conditions after they have developed.

You need chiropractic care if you mourn from chronic back pain and joint mobility. If you have never been to a chiropractor earlier, your first visit will involve a thorough consultation and evaluation to assess which type of care is best suited for your needs.

What Can You Expect During Your First Consultation?

Your initial visit to the chiropractor near me involves a thorough consultation to determine your current condition and the treatments best suited for your needs. During the consultation, you can expect a rigorous chiropractic exam involving x-rays, reflex analysis, range of motion testing, medical past, and several questions to diagnose your condition and determine your needs. The chiropractor might also recommend diagnostic testing. Depending on your exam results, the chiropractor might perform adjustments or soft tissue manipulation during your appointment. The chiropractor also provides advice on maintaining the results of your adjustment suggesting take-home exercises to improve the treatment and your range of motion.

Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic Care?

It helps to review your benefits under your policy to determine whether your provider covers chiropractic care. Chiropractic clinics accept different types of insurance. However, you must verify whether the provider is in-network with your plan to determine whether you have coverage at a specific clinic.

What Are Chiropractic Adjustments? Are They Painful?

Chiropractic adjustments are highly specialized and non-invasive because chiropractor uses their hands or specialist instruments to apply control forces to joints. The rapidly applied forces help move the joint into alignment to reduce the discomfort associated with spinal or other joint misalignments and improve mobility. Chiropractic adjustments are painless, but you might experience minor pain after completing the treatment. However, most patients leave the chiropractic office feeling better than they did earlier.

How Many Visits Do You Need to Feel Better?

The complexity affecting your situation determines the number of visits you might need before you feel better. A top-rated chiropractic care provider develops a personalized treatment plan for you after your initial visit. Periodic wellness treatments are also incredibly beneficial in identifying and addressing emerging issues to keep mobility and other functional impairments at bay.

What Is Included in Each Visit?

Besides chiropractic adjustments, the practitioner might also include other treatments to improve results. They are movement-based massage, TENS therapy, and Kinesio taping. It helps if you remember you must continue visiting your chiropractor periodically to maintain the effects of your treatment.

What Happens If You Miss a Visit?

If you miss a chiropractor’s visit, the heavens will not fall, or the treatment results will not vanish. However, the chiropractor recommends you attend the visits according to your treatment plan the professional designed for you. Frequent adjustments and soft tissue manipulation are essential to achieve optimal results.

Do Chiropractors Also Prescribe Pain Medications?

Chiropractors do not prescribe medications. Instead, chiropractors rely on natural and non-invasive therapy to treat joint pain and mobility issues. Chiropractic care is incredibly effective in acute and chronic pain, but it can also complement the results of traditional treatments.

Can Children Receive Chiropractic Treatments?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES. Chiropractic care is appropriate and beneficial for everyone, including infants. In reality, active children receive help to maintain optimal and healthy spinal amendment from regular chiropractic adjustments. In addition, children running around, jumping, twisting, and falling can incur injuries that move joints out of position to cause muscle pain. Therefore children also benefit from chiropractic care.

Is Chiropractic Care Beneficial for People Who Have Suffered a Concussion?

Concussion cases are unique and different for everyone. Therefore a comprehensive exam is essential to diagnose the condition and rule out severe brain injuries that might require imaging tests or emergency treatment. However, many adults and students suffering concussions from accidents or sporting injuries benefit from chiropractic care and ongoing treatment.

Looking for a Chiropractor near Inglewood, CA?

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