10 Incredible Benefits of Massage Therapy in Inglewood, CA

10 Incredible Benefits of Massage Therapy in Inglewood, CA

May 1, 2022

What Is Massage Therapy?

It is a treatment protocol that entails pressing, manipulating, and rubbing the body, targeting muscles, tendons and ligaments. Massage therapy comprises different techniques that will apply controlled deep pressure on your body to reach the different layers of the skin. Although massage therapy is popularized for relaxation, it has many amazing benefits that influence general health.

What Does Massage Therapy Entail?

Massage professionals use their hands alongside special tools to apply deep pressure on targeted parts of the body. The pressure is necessary for kneading, pressing, and manipulating the muscles and ligaments. Different approaches can get the job done, depending on your underlying goals and the treatment plan. Some of them include:

  1. Swedish massage – is among the most common massage techniques. The massage therapist will use deep circular motions, long strokes, vibrations, and kneading.
  2. Deep massage – it targets the deeper layers of your tissues and muscles. It is a perfect approach for physiotherapy to promote healing.
  3. Trigger point massage – is an approach that targets the pressure points or stiff muscles that may cause pain and tension.

Incredible Benefits of Massage Therapy

When you finally understand the relevance of massage therapy in Inglewood, CA, you will not hesitate to visit a certified massage therapist near you for the first massage session. Massage therapy provides health and wellness benefits that could tremendously improve the quality of your life. Some of the massage therapy benefits include the following:

  1. Promoting natural healing – deep tissue massage therapy is a great technique for targeting painful muscles and ligaments, particularly after an injury or accident. In such cases, massage therapy is part of physiotherapy to stimulate motion for your ligaments and muscles, which may have been limited after an injury.
  2. Treating chronic pain – patients with chronic pain in the body, like lower back pain, can benefit tremendously from massage therapy. Professional massage experts will target the sources of pain in your body, alleviating any other symptoms you may have, including migraines and muscle stiffness.
  3. Improving circulation – massage therapy targets deep tissues of the skin, fostering blood flow in all parts of the body. Improved blood circulation ensures that oxygen and nutrients travel adequately to all body parts.
  4. Eliminating toxins from your body – some toxins are trapped in your body for longer than they should. Massage therapy will stimulate the soft tissues to help the body expel toxins. As blood flow improves, toxins exit your body through the blood and lymphatic systems.
  5. Boosting body functionality – whether due to traumatic injuries or fatigue, optimal functionality of the body can change with time. Massage therapy can alleviate pressure and tension in particular parts of your body to boost its mobility and general functionality.
  6. Overcoming stress and anxiety – although it may not seem like stress directly affects your body’s functionality, it does. Massage is a great way to unwind and relieve stress and anxiety. Besides, a massage may be all it takes to boost your mood enough to lower the stress hormones in your body.
  7. Improving the sleep quality – when your body is relaxed and rejuvenated, you fall asleep more easily than before. Many of our patients at South Bay Wellness Center end up sleeping during their massage sessions.
  8. Reducing fatigue –when you have been working all day every week, it takes a toll on your body. A great solution to fatigue is massage therapy to help your body feel well-rested. Besides, after sleeping well and rejuvenating your body, you will likely heighten your productivity at work than before.
  9. Fostering flexibility – muscle stiffness is a leading cause of inflexibility in your body. Massage therapy addresses both the deep and soft tissues of your body to improve flexibility. After a few massage sessions, you will be surprised by the range of motions you gain.
  10. Boosting your immune system – taking care of the general well-being of your body allows the immune system to take a break from constantly fighting illness. Massage therapy improves mental, emotional, and physical health, all of which work together to boost your immune system. Besides, the stimulation of the lymph nodes will re-charge the immune system a great deal.
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