What Are 3 Effective Methods Chiropractors Use When Treating Back Pain?

What Are 3 Effective Methods Chiropractors Use When Treating Back Pain?

August 1, 2022

Acute back pain is more common in comparison to chronic pain. It is a sudden injury due to getting tackled, shifting furniture, etc. But chronic pain stays for not more than six weeks and usually gets better with time on its own. If your back pain is making it difficult to perform simple everyday tasks like sitting at a desk, getting in and out of a vehicle, etc., contact a chiropractor in Inglewood immediately.

Chiropractic care is a safe treatment for acute low back pain. It helps to restore the function and quality of life. The treatment depends on the diagnosis of the back pain. The most common method that chiropractors use for treating low back pain is spinal manipulation.

Why Consider Chiropractor for Back Pain?

The majority of people prefer chiropractic treatment among back pain relief alternatives. Chiropractors have special treatment equipment for treating back pain. Sometimes, they also recommend diet-based or exercise techniques in combination with the device management plan.

It offers patients a holistic approach, which is effective in not only lowering back pain but also curing it. The chiropractor will consider the patient medical history, including surgical history, current medicines, existing medical conditions, and lifestyle factors.

Effective Methods Chiropractor Use for Treating Back Pain

If your back pain stays for many days, contact the chiropractor instantly. After the detailed assessment, he/she will advise an appropriate treatment for you. The majority of patients return to their routine activity speedily in comparison to those that wait it out.

The professional chiropractor near you will consider the medical history before doing a physical exam of the patient. He/she may also use diagnostic imaging methods or laboratory testing to find out if the treatment is suitable for back pain or not. The main aim of chiropractic treatment is to restore functioning and prevent injury, apart from providing back pain relief.

There are three methods chiropractors use to help you get relief from back pain. These include trigger point therapy, instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy, and manual therapy. The particular method that the expert uses usually depends on the cause and your physical state.

  • Soft Tissue Therapy

In soft tissue therapy, the chiropractor relaxes and treats tightness and soreness in muscles. The expert uses a tool to apply pressure gently and sweep over the region. Soft-tissue therapy is a pain-free treatment that feels the same as a deep massage.

The best part is that you will start seeing the results of IASTM within two to three treatments. This kind of manual therapy helps in lowering pain and enhancing functioning throughout the body.

  • Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is known as manipulative therapy. It is a specialized variation of physical therapy offered by a certified practitioner. This therapy is also very effective in relieving chronic and acute back pain from joint issues, including sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Manual therapy is great for joint treatment. So, it is ideal for those with insufficient mobility, mainly in some musculoskeletal conditions. These conditions usually lead to pain, discomfort, and change in posture, movement, and functioning.

In manual therapy, the practitioner manipulates the joints of patients manually on a traction table or adjusting table. It means he/she uses their hands to apply pressure on the body areas affected by pain. It helps in alleviating stress and ache on nearby musculature.

The chiropractor in 90304 will use this method when the joint fails to move as intended. Manual therapy helps the patient achieve motion without a joint. Manual physical therapy usually involves techniques like mobilization/manipulation, soft tissue work, kneading, etc.

  • Self-Management or Exercise Therapy

In exercise therapy, the chiropractor offers a few simple exercises to perform at home. These include motor control exercises, acupuncture, massage, core strengthening exercises, etc. It prevents back pain from occurring again.

The expert will also provide tips for maintaining appropriate body posture, safe lifting methods, and other strategies to include in your daily routine. Chiropractors also offer instructions to patients for an exercise program focused on stretching back and making teeth strong. Inform your doctor about your existing medicines, current medical conditions, lifestyle factors, and surgical or traumatic history.

For more ideas about back pain relief, schedule an appointment at the South Bay Wellness Center today.

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