What Does a Chiropractor Help with?

What Does a Chiropractor Help with?

June 1, 2023

Chiropractors help treat many problems with the bones, muscles, and joints using their hands for examination. You can visit a chiropractor for help with headaches, injuries, bone problems, joints, et cetera.

Chiropractors receive training to recognize when you might or might not benefit from their care and suggest you meet other health practitioners when required. If you want to see the chiropractor near me for the issues described, you don’t need a referral from a healthcare provider.

Chiropractic Explained

Chiropractic emanates from the Greek phrase cheir, indicating hand, and prakitkos, indicating done by hand. Chiropractors represent primary contact practitioners who can see patients without referrals from a general practitioner. Chiropractors focus on treating the spine using their hands to examine and treat health issues concerning bones, muscles, joints, or musculoskeletal problems.

Chiropractors receive training to suggest exercises to rehabilitate health issues with the bones, muscles, and joints, besides providing nutritional guidance and dietary and lifestyle choices.

The chiropractor in 90304 utilizes many techniques when diagnosing musculoskeletal problems, including hands-on and clinical examination, besides diagnostic imaging like X-rays and MRIs. These and various other diagnostic tools help chiropractors determine whether their treatment is appropriate.

If chiropractic care is not appropriate for you or if your condition needs managing with other healthcare professionals, you will receive a referral to the proper general practitioner from the chiropractor.

For example, in many cases, like with lower back pain, chiropractic care may be your first line of treatment. In addition, chiropractic services help complement or support medical therapy for medical conditions by relieving musculoskeletal aspects of the situation.

Seeing the nearby chiropractor does not require a referral from any general practitioner unless you seek treatment from them from Medicare chronic disease management program or Veterans Affairs.

When Can You Consider Chiropractic Care?

If you suffer from painful back and joint problems related to work accidents, sports injuries, household activities, or even the stress of everyday life, you can seek chiropractic care from the nearby chiropractor. Chiropractic care can assist if you are experiencing muscle pain and aching joints affecting your ability to get through the day and preventing you from involving yourself in your favorite activities. Chiropractic care also helps maintain a healthy spine and joint function even when you do not experience painful symptoms.

You can visit the chiropractor in Inglewood for issues with back pain, neck pain, headaches, whiplash, strains and sprains from everyday activities, injuries through overuse, professional and sports-related injuries, arthritis, range of motion in the back, shoulders, neck, and limbs.

What to Expect during a Chiropractic Examination?

When you visit Inglewood chiropractor for examination, the professional will perform a thorough medical history looking for your vital signs like body temperature, pulse, breathing rate, and blood pressure. In addition, they will usually examine spinal curves or other visible indicators of your health. They will also use their hands to palpate your spine, muscles, and soft tissues supporting them.

Chiropractors perform orthopedic examinations to detect health conditions associated with your spine, bones, joints, muscles, and soft tissues. They include the ligaments and tendons. Besides other things, chiropractic examinations for orthopedic problems involve moving your joints to examine their range of movement.

Chiropractors can also perform a neurological examination to assess motor functions and sensory and cranial nerves to test your reflexes and look for signs of numbness. In addition, your chiropractor may refer you for other diagnostic tests like X-rays or MRIs if necessary.

Depending on the evaluation, the chiropractor provides a differential diagnosis considering all the potential causes of your complaint and provides a working diagnosis explaining the most likely reason for your complaint, including its natural history and when you can expect it to resolve. You also receive information on the treatment options and the benefits and risks associated with the therapies.

Chiropractic Therapies

Popular chiropractic therapies include different techniques like spinal manipulation or adjustments using hands to apply controlled pressure to a joint of the spine and mobilization of gentle movement of the joint to enhance the range of motion. Besides the above exercises, application of heat and ice, reassurance, stretching, massages, activity modification to manage your daily activities, lifestyle advice, crop piece table using a unique to present to mobilize your joint in a controlled manner, and treatment of other joints including the feet, ankles, shoulders, wrists, and elbows.

When performing any therapies chiropractor will discuss them with you as part of a shared decision-making process.

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation is the most well-known therapy performed by chiropractors and is also called the chiropractic adjustment, although osteopaths and physiotherapists also use the technique. Spinal manipulation helps restore joint mobility by manually applying controlled forces to the joints with restricted movement resulting from tissue injury. Tissue injuries are often caused by one traumatic event, including the improper lifting of heavy objects and repetitive stress like sitting in an awkward position with poor spinal pressure for an extended period to damage the tissues undergoing physical and chemical changes causing pain, inflammation, and reduced function. Spinal manipulations are safe when performed by a trained and licensed practitioner, although you may experience discomfort or soreness following your treatment. However, the pain resolves within two days, and your chiropractor will discuss it with you before intervening in a process with your consent.

If affected by the issues discussed, you can contact South Bay Wellness Center to find relief from the problems using nondrug and nonsurgical therapies with chiropractic care. Kindly schedule an appointment with them to discuss your situation and receive the necessary treatment after undergoing an examination.

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