What You Need To Know About Swedish Massage Therapy

What You Need To Know About Swedish Massage Therapy

September 1, 2021

After going through stress for a period, it is normal for you to seek the best massage therapist near you. If you end up in the office of a chiropractor in Inglewood, there are several massage therapy that you can get and Swedish massage therapy is one of them.

You will get Swedish massage therapy when you go to a chiropractor in 90304. Swedish massage therapy helps to release tension in the body down to the deepest muscles. This tension is released by giving a person long and tender strokes in a manner that will appear like the chiropractor is kneading. The long and tender kneading strokes are used to remove tension from deep muscles. Stress is eased from the surface layers by using soft, tapping, rhythmic strokes. The technique for relieving stress from the surface layers and the deep muscles are combined to form a massage therapy that helps your joints and muscles to relax, refresh and heal.

Processes of a Swedish Massage Therapy

Sometimes, your body just needs a break and you are outside or online searching for the best place to get a therapeutic massage near you are going to find a place or two for sure. If you find and decide to go to a place where you can get Swedish massage therapy near you, the massage will begin with something called the effleurage stroke. This stroke targets the muscles and joints in the surface layer of the body and helps your tissues to relax. The petrissage stroke comes after the effleurage stroke and the massage will graduate to rolling, kneading, and squeezing. There is another stroke called the tapotement stroke for people who want to recover from an exercise. This stroke involves tapping with the edge of the hand or fingers or by cupping the hand. People who have tissue scars or injuries also have a special kind of stroke that can help them heal. The stroke is called the friction stroke. As the name implies, the stroke is done by rubbing one tissue against another in a circular motion.

Importance of Swedish Massage Therapy

It has been established that Swedish massage therapy helps the muscles and joints to relax, energize, and heal. However, there are other benefits associated with getting a chiropractic massage near you. during a Swedish massage, your muscles are stretched and your joints are made to perform all their functions. This will help your muscles and joints to perform better hence improving flexibility. Stretching is not the only way that a Swedish massage can improve the flexibility of your muscles and joints. Relaxing them can also help you feel better while using these muscles and joints.

Another importance of Swedish massage therapy is that it improves the circulation of blood throughout the body. Circulation is faster when the muscles in your body are relaxed and the faster blood can travel around your body, the easier it will be for nutrients to go around your body and get to the places where they are needed.

According to research, Swedish massage therapy has proven to reduce the cortisol level in the body. Cortisol is the hormone in the body that is responsible for stress. This means that Swedish massage therapy can significantly reduce mental stress in a person. Stress can cause your body to begin to store calories and you will begin to crave junk food even when you are not hungry.

There is more. Yes, Swedish massage therapy can also increase the number of white blood cells or lymphocytes in the body. The white blood cells help to increase the efficiency of your immune system. When you have a stronger immune system, your body will be able to fight off infections like cold or flu. This goes to show that Swedish massage therapy also makes you healthier.

An average therapy session will last about an hour or more and you will be required to take off your clothes though you can put on your underwear if you do not feel comfortable being naked. Try to arrive early for your therapy session and stay hydrated before and after the therapy sessions.

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