When Should I Consult a Chiropractor for Back Pain?

When Should I Consult a Chiropractor for Back Pain?

June 1, 2022

Severe back pain leads to disability and affects the quality of the patient’s life. Most people struggling with pain manage it through medication and massage or heat therapy. Although the methods work, they do not deal with the cause of pain, and the symptoms resurface after a while.

Fortunately, patients can find permanent relief through back pain chiropractic treatment in Inglewood. Chiropractic care is a treatment that focuses on health problems affecting the joints, nerves, bones, and muscles. The healthcare provider for chiropractic care is known as a chiropractor. Read on and learn why you should see a chiropractor.

Signs That You Should See a Chiropractor for Back Pain

When suffering from back pain, you may be conflicted about visiting a physician or a chiropractor. You can look for signs indicating you should see a chiropractor in Inglewood. Some of them are highlighted below.

  1. See a chiropractor when you experience intense sharp back pain that lasts for more than a week. Make an appointment with the chiropractor if the discomfort radiates throughout your legs. Do not delay if the pain does not ease even when you’re not moving.
  2. The first course of treatment for back pain is medication and massage therapies. These help manage the pain for a short period. However, you need to visit a chiropractor when you have used them for weeks, and the pain does ease or gets worse.
  3. When back pain is accompanied by a fever or sudden weight loss, seek chiropractic care. If the area that hurts becomes red or swells for more than a week, it indicates trauma. A chiropractor will help relieve the symptoms.
  4. If the pain starts after a sports injury, a fall, or a car accident, you should see a chiropractor. The chiropractor in 90304 will work with your physical therapist and orthopedic doctor. They will ensure that you bounce back to normal health within no time.
  5. You should see the chiropractor for back pain treatment if you are experiencing neck pain. The spine is connected to your neck. When the spine is misaligned, you will have neck pain, jaw ache, headaches, and face pain.
  6. See a chiropractor if you experience back pain and have tingly prickles in your arms or legs.

What Conditions Does a Chiropractor Treat?

A chiropractor does more than treat back pain. For example, the chiropractor in Inglewood helps with other conditions such as:

  1. Acute or chronic neck pain
  2. Chronic headaches and migraines
  3. Reduced or impeded range of motion
  4. Allergy, infections, and sinuses
  5. Kid’s health problems such as colic, ear infections, autism, acid reflux, adhd, and add
  6. Women’s issues like menstrual problems, menopausal problems, and infertility
  7. Poor sleep
  8. Scoliosis
  9. Knee pain
  10. Various types of injuries or muscle strains

How Does a Chiropractor Relieve Back Pain?

Various procedures are involved when a patient sees a chiropractor for back pain treatment. The conditions of the patient will determine the treatment plan. Your chiropractor will focus on your pain, disability issues, and activity intolerance. These will help to create a personalized treatment plan.

Back pain chiropractic treatment in Inglewood consists of hands-on spinal manipulations. Other alternative therapies are included in the treatment. They are based on the theory that proper alignment of the body’s musculoskeletal structure will lead to self-healing. Therefore, the specialists manipulate the affected muscles, bones, joints, and nerves.

The expert asks you to lie on a unique table and then begins the procedures during the treatment. They may perform various techniques throughout your treatment. These include table adjustments, toggle drop, lumbar roll, release work, or flexion-distraction. These techniques will realign the bones in the spine and rectify their position.

In addition, your chiropractor may incorporate exercise and nutrition counseling into your treatment. Each treatment session takes about 10-20 minutes but may differ for different individuals. You will require more than a single treatment session to correct the pain and improve mobility.

At first, the chiropractor in 90304 will schedule two or three sessions each week. The sessions will reduce to a single session each week when you start improving. Contact us at South Bay Wellness Center for chiropractic care to address your pain and restore mobility. We offer comprehensive chiropractic treatments to relieve pain and improve your quality of life.

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