Manual Chiropractic Technique

Manual Chiropractic Technique in Inglewood, CA

Manual Chiropractic Treatment in Inglewood, CA

Chiropractic services are based on the manipulation of the musculoskeletal system, and the spine in particular. These adjustments are designed to improve function and movement as well as reduce pain and inflammation in patients. In some instances, chiropractors use specialized instruments or equipment for patient procedures. Others rely on manual chiropractic techniques.

Manual chiropractic technique in Inglewood, CA, is based on hands-on adjustments. Dr. Kian Javid provides professional chiropractic treatment designed to achieve the best results for each patient. At South Bay Wellness Center, we offer quality health services, including manual chiropractic techniques near you.

What Is Manual Chiropractic Technique?

Traditionally, chiropractic care is the professional practice of using hands to deliver treatment to patients. Manual chiropractic technique is when our doctor near you performs a manual adjustment using their hands to manipulate the spine. This technique is effective in that utilization of the hands allows for feedback and information through direct physical contact with the patient. This can facilitate an accurate, professional evaluation and assessment of musculoskeletal issues.

In addition, manual chiropractic technique allows for precise treatment for a patient. With this technique, Dr. Kain Javid can manually adjust a patient’s spine and other elements making up the musculoskeletal system.

Differences between Manual and Instrument-Assisted Chiropractic Treatment

The primary difference between manual and instrument-assisted chiropractic treatment is that the former relies on the use of hands. In contrast, the latter relies on the use of a device to deliver treatment. For instrument-assisted chiropractic treatment, specially designed tools and equipment are used to achieve results for patients. For example, a chiropractor may use an Activator Adjusting Instrument (AAI), which patients may recognize as a “clicker.” The AAI is a hand-held device that applies a gentle impulse to a specific part of the patient’s body.

Depending on an individual patient’s needs, their treatment should be customized to achieve the best outcome for overall health and wellness. Dr. Kian Javid’s approach to chiropractic care is to meet each patient’s needs with an individualized program. For more information about manual chiropractic techniques with our doctor in Inglewood, CA, contact South Bay Wellness Center.


When should your child see a chiropractor?

You should bring your child into our Inglewood clinic if they are experiencing bedwetting, ear infections, or having trouble nursing.

At what age can a child go to a chiropractor?

People at any age, even infants, can benefit from chiropractic care.

How old does a baby need to be to see a chiropractor?

A chiropractor at South Bay Wellness Center can treat babies shortly after birth.

Will chiropractic adjustments hurt kids?

No. In fact, children are more flexible than adults, so it is even less painful for them.

What type of pediatric conditions do chiropractors typically treat?

  • Constipation
  • Acid reflux
  • Asthma
  • Colic
  • Issues with latching and breastfeeding
  • Torticollis
  • Upset stomach or gas
  • Pediatric scoliosis

When are the times your child may need to get checked?

If your child is experiencing any of the symptoms or conditions listed above, feel free to bring them in for treatment at South Bay Wellness Center.

What techniques do the chiropractors at South Bay Wellness Center usually use for pediatric patients?

At South Bay Wellness Center in Inglewood, we use spinal manipulation, stretches, exercises, and massage therapy.

Is pediatric chiropractic care safe for children in Inglewood, CA?

Yes, our practice is entirely safe for patients of all ages.

Can pediatric chiropractic care treat bedwetting? How?

Chiropractic adjustments can help enhance nervous system function. The adjustments do this by removing subluxations that obstruct correct bodily functions by focusing on the vertebrae that affect the bladder.

How can pediatric chiropractic care help allergies and asthma?

By reducing subluxations in the spine, the nervous system can work properly and improve the function of the lungs and diaphragm.

What other conditions can the pediatric chiropractors at South Bay Wellness Center in Inglewood, CA treat?

Our chiropractors can treat the conditions listed above as well as ailments such as asthma, sleep issues, and bedwetting.

Can all chiropractors treat children?

Yes, all of our chiropractors can treat children.

Why would a newborn go to the chiropractor?

We see newborns mostly for colic and breastfeeding issues.