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Most people don’t think about their back until something goes wrong. However, with the help of bone structure, ligaments, muscles, and joints, your back is what holds you up and allows you to move each day. Some people who suffer from chronic pain or dependencies in their body don’t realize that symptoms may be due to misalignment or other problems with their back.

Thankfully, these issues can be addressed through chiropractic rehab treatment in Inglewood, CA. Dr. Kian Javid and the staff at South Bay Wellness Center offers rehabilitation services without invasive procedures or pain medications. This allows patients to rehabilitate and restore their health and wellness quickly without forming any problematic dependencies.

What Is Rehab Treatment?

In terms of chiropractic care, rehabilitation treatment includes chiropractic adjustments paired with non-invasive, drug-free techniques designed to relieve pain. Through adjustments, our doctor in Inglewood, CA, can restore proper alignment to your back. This restoration can improve your posture, relieve uncomfortable symptoms, reduce pain, and enhance flexibility and range of motion.

Some of the problems addressed in chiropractic rehab treatment near you are:

  • Herniated discs
  • Pinched nerves
  • Posture issues
  • Other causes of chronic pain

Rather than chiropractic care, some patients undergo invasive surgery or rely on narcotic pain medication to alleviate these problems and the pain associated with them. Unfortunately, surgeries are not always effective and require lengthy healing times. In addition, narcotics are addictive, and patients are at risk of developing substance dependencies.

Rehab Treatment Near You and Dependency

Research is beginning to show that chiropractic care is a natural method that can help effectively treat dependency and support addiction recovery. Properly aligned spinal columns are related to promoting healthier brain function. By enhancing the health of your spine, brain, and nervous system, our doctor near you offers supplemental rehabilitation techniques that have a positive impact on substance dependency and addiction recovery.

Your overall health and wellness are important. Dr. Kian Javid and South Bay Wellness Center provide rehab treatment near you to reduce your pain without dependence on narcotics. Patients can restore their well-being without the risk of forming, and potentially reducing, any dependencies.

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