Supplements in Inglewood, CA

One of the many benefits of chiropractic care is that our doctor near you provides recommendations for supplemental products and equipment for pain relief, nutrition, and exercise that you can use at home to continue your path to health and wellness. We are dedicated to treating your chiropractic needs in our clinical setting as well as giving professional guidance about effective at-home methods for continuing your therapeutic process. Dr. Kian Javid and the staff at South Bay Wellness Center offer supplements in Inglewood, CA, available for purchase to enhance your well-being.

What Supplements Should I Use?

There are various supplements available that can support your chiropractic care, from topical pain relief to exercise to nutrition. Here are some supplements available for purchase from our team at South Bay Wellness Center:

  • Biofreeze: Biofreeze products are topical analgesics that utilize menthol as a means of soothing and relieving pain in muscles and joints. If you suffer from sore or strained muscles or aching in your joints, Biofreeze products can be applied for short-term relief of these symptoms. This is an excellent at-home supplement for rehabilitation.
  • TheraBand TheraBand equipment features progressive elastic resistance exercise products and other tools for at-home goals of rehabilitation, movement, and wellness. This equipment allows patients to continue building their flexibility, strength, and balance for both conditioning and recovery.
  • Standard Process: Standard Process offers products to effectively and holistically enhance the health condition of patients. These products are whole food nutritional supplements to support all systems of the body. They are grown on an organic farm and prepared so that their nutritional value is intact to bring quality, supplemental nutrition to consumers.

Professional Guidance for Supplements Near You

Our doctor in Inglewood, CA, is committed to treating your full health and wellness, whether you are recovering from a sports injury, proactively building strength, or managing physical pain. Dr. Kian Javid will guide you in choosing supplemental products or equipment to further your progress and allow you to reach and maintain your health and wellness goals.

For more information about supplements near you, contact our team at South Bay Wellness Center.

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